• Professor inspect adult mayflies

    Professor inspect adult mayflies

    Location: Wodonga, VIC. Phil Suter, Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Management and Ecology with some adult mayflies.

  • Whorouly Flooding

    Whorouly Flooding

    Location: Whorouly Joe Primarano amoungst his flooded Orchard.

  • Fire in Leneva

    Fire in Leneva

    Location: Leneva, VIC. Property on fire at end of Brewers road.

  • Search for Two Missing Snowboarders

    Search for Two Missing Snowboarders

    Location: Junction of Granite Spur and Eskdale Spur, Mount Bogong. Search for two missing snowboarders.

  • Pascoe Burns on Fire

    Pascoe Burns on Fire

    Location: Lavington, NSW. Lavington Fire Brigade battle the fire caused from a gas explosion.

  • Eskdale House Fire

    Eskdale House Fire

    The house that Lee Eskell was renting burnt down whilst she was in town, she has lost everything except for…

  • Border Rescue Squad

    Border Rescue Squad

    Location: Memorial Park, Howlong. Stuart Dye, Captain, Albury and Border Rescue Squad, for story regarding high rate of drownings in Murray…

  • Anzac Day Dawn Service

    Anzac Day Dawn Service

    Location: Monument Hill, Albury. Trooper Mark Fletcher at Anzac Day Dawn Service.

  • Picnic In The Paddock Promotion

    Picnic In The Paddock Promotion

    Location: Beechworth, VIC. Ian Sinclair from Beechworth, Dan Goonan from Beechworth and Carole O'Neill from Beechworth demonstrating one of the games…

  • Rescue Crew

    Rescue Crew

    Location: on track above Michell Hut, Mount Bogong. Geoff Sutter from Melbourne hurt his knee whilst skiing being taken off the mountain…

  • Oxley Flooding

    Oxley Flooding

    Location: Oxley-Wangaratta Road. Judy Gore taking the washing off her clothesline surrounded by flood water.

  • Nasty Magpie

    Nasty Magpie

    Location: Townsend St, Albury. Aaron Moffatt, 24, from Albury, being attacked by a nasty Magpie.

  • Tallangatta Anzac Day Service

    Tallangatta Anzac Day Service

    Location: Tallangatta. An empty chair's shadow on the fallen leaves at Tallangatta Anzac Day Service.