Dancer on the lake

We thought getting a teenager up at 5am was going to be the hardest part of this shoot, but then a cool change came in bringing bursts of rain and making the water in the Mount Beauty Pondage freezing cold. Luckily we were still all able to keep our sense of humour and joked about how much we suffer for our art while standing up to our thighs in mud.

Gabby was the ultimate professional and managed to show beautiful poise on a very rickety platform. We gave up on the point shoes as they became so soft from standing in the water.

Luckily, the sun popped out to show it's shiny self for about 20 seconds and we managed to get one of my favourite photos from the shoot in this moment. Sometimes it's worth braving the elements and I am so glad Gabby and her support crew (Mum and sister Izzy) were up for the challenge.