Being picked as a bridesmaid is a great honour and makes you part of one of the most important days for your friend, sibling or cousin. The upcoming wedding is very exciting but sometimes a little daunting for the bridesmaids/attendants if they don’t know what to expect. If it’s your first time as a bridesmaid or you feel like you are starring in the movie 27 dresses, these tips will help you make the day run a little smoother for all involved.

1.  It is better to let the bride know as early as possible if you can’t afford to pay for something or don’t have the time to spare. This gives everyone time to organise alternatives and can save a lot of stress as well as money. You are not letting anyone down by being realistic and upfront.

2.  You are going to be in lots of photos that will end up in social media. The bride and groom may have asked the photographer to not put any photos on social media but that doesn’t stop Uncle Frank, Auntie Betty and a hundred other wedding guests taking and posting photos with you in them. You are part of the official party and people love posting photos of the ceremony for all those who were not there to see. If you can’t be seen in social media it may be time to bow out gracefully.

3.  Be there for the bride. Don’t spoil the brides big day by being an uncooperative bridesmaid. She only gets to have this day once in her whole life.

4.  Do the bustle. Make sure you go to a dress fitting where the dressmaker or supplier can show you how to bustle the dress. The more people that can do this the better, it means you can pop the dress up and down through the day as required and when changing locations for photography.

5.  Don’t be afraid to fix a snag in the dress or pull a twig that has caught up in the veil, even if it’s during the ceremony. If you don’t, all the photos of the ceremony are going to have a snagged dress. Photoshop can only do so much and you don’t want the bride and groom paying for hours of photoshopping after the event for something that could have been fixed in a 5 second interruption. A good celebrant or priest will usually make a joke so as not to interrupt the flow of the ceremony if a bridesmaid suddenly stands up and fixes something on the bride.

6.  Fix up the boys too if you see something a miss like a crooked tie. Don’t be afraid to jump in if you have a good eye for detail.

7.  Make sure you have an idea of the schedule for the day. If you are the one watching the clock and keeping things running on time it can take a lot of stress off the bride. It is a good idea to delegate one of the bridesmaids to be the official timekeeper.

8.  Carry a bag that will go everywhere the bride goes for the day that contains the following; tissues, wet wipes, make up for touching up, flyspray, needle and thread, safety pins, deodorant, band-aides, mints, water to drink and a straw to keep the lipstick on while drinking. Also a crochet hook is a must if it’s a button up dress.

9.  Try your dress on several times before the wedding. You will probably receive your dress sometime before the actual wedding date. You may lose or gain a kilo by then so make sure you get last minute alterations done. You don’t want to be getting sewn into your dress on the morning of the wedding.

10. Have fun, everyone wants to have fun at a wedding.