Published in the Border Mail 05.04.2008.
Written by Brad Worrall.

KYLIE Goldsmith hoodwinked her parents to get her first camera. But this week the 29-year old was recognised as The Border Mail’s best photographer, her pictures cross five categories earning her the Alex Massey Award.

Goldsmith was among the first on the scene, braving thick smoke and acrid fumes, to catch the fireball explosion at Lavington’s Pascoe Burns plumbing supplies. She also snapped life into a portrait of World War II veteran Ray Browne ahead of last year’s Anzac Day. Dressed in military fatigues and carrying his service rifle the image complemented a story of a miracle escape — a shaving mirror in his shirt pocket taking a sniper’s bullet that should have ended his life.

Goldsmith says photography became her passion at 12 and obsession soon after.
“My parents wouldn’t let me buy a camera,” she said. “So I spent about $70 on a sideshow alley machine to get enough credits to ‘win’ one. “It was probably worth about $5 but they were okay with that.”

Goldsmith, who joined The Border Mail four years ago, was shocked to win the award.
“There are so many good photographers at the paper, so many award winners,” she said. “In all my photos I try to connect with the subject and draw that image out through natural and artificial light — sometimes it works but you are never really sure. “This award gives me some confidence that I’m getting it right.”

Photographic editor David Thorpe said the judges were unanimous in their praise of the consistent quality of Goldsmith’s images. “She has the capabilities to photograph breaking news and turn the mundane into award winners,” he said. “Alex would have been proud — he took great interest in developing aspiring photographers.”It is the second year of the award named after one of the company’s most respected photographic editors. Massey, 44, died suddenly and unexpectedly in 2003.