I had a lot of fun taking part in the Canon 30 days of Leap challenge. Canon would email a brief every morning for a photographic assignment to be completed that day. It was interesting to focus on a particular theme every day. A couple of photos were taken a few days late because of various reasons but overall I found it inspiring to keep up with the daily challenge.

Below you will see my photos from each day and I have put the date and theme below them so you can see what I was aiming for. I hope you enjoy having a look through the results.

A big thank you to all those who supported me and took part in the project. 1septangle2septfollowlight3septupsidedown4septfeeling5septmixitup6septshadow7sepuglysunset8septanotherworld9septcrop10septlate11septwarpreality12septstranger13septgounnoticed14septconfession15septgolong16septacthalfyourage17septpumpupcolour18septtimeitright19septcloserlook20septemberdarkside21septdefygravity22septcauseareaction23septbreakitdown24septtakeitslow25septshakeit26septseeonlyshapes27septmakeitpop28septreflect29septlosefocus30septseedouble