Project Description

A beautiful autumn day for a wedding at Feathertop Winery in Porepunkah. Monica and Sean were surrounded by 50 of their closest family and friends to celebrate their union.

A close knit family on both sides they all really enjoyed the time preparing. Sean was already saying his cheeks were sore from smiling before he had even left for the ceremony. When I walked into Monica’s apartment at Feathertop the atmosphere was very much the same with smiles all around. The atmosphere was enhanced by Monica’s favourite football team well ahead on the score on the tv in the background to the preparations.  This was lucky as she was wearing her footy socks as her something blue.

The wedding ceremony was no different. Smiles. laughter and lots of cheeky glances, it was a lot of fun.

After the ceremony we took a lot of family photos because there was a lot of family. I like it when a good amount of time is devoted to family photos as I feel that these photos are cherished not just by the couple but the family member they are passed onto as well. By the time it was time to do the bridal party and portrait photos, Sean cheeks’ were really hurting. But that was ok because every time he looked at Monica he had the biggest smile on his face, so it wasn’t hard to get photos of them as the sun dipped behind the mountains.