Project Description

Holly & Matt’s Wedding

A special location was chosen by Matt and Holly to begin their marriage. both being the outdoor adventurous type they couldn’t think of a more fitting location than Wallaces Hut at Falls Creek, Victoria.

When I first woke up in the morning it was pouring rain and I was very worried about the prospect of an outdoor ceremony. Holly and Matt decided to take their chances and persevere with their plans. Luck was on their side and the weather was glorious, the alpine climate providing a very comfortable temperature for a summer wedding.

From the moment I met them both for the photography of preparations at QT Falls Creek it was clear it was going to be a fun day. The groomsmen all having a laugh and will have some very funny photos as a result (which I won’t reveal here). The girls were a little more nervous which was evident with all the giggling but there were some very special moments as two very special, very thoughtful gifts were given to Holly.

It was time to dash up to Wallaces Hut to get some photos of Matt with his family before the ceremony. The setting was stunning and there was a real excitement in the air. A few surprised hikers walked though but were all smiles when the realised what was going on.

Holly made her entrance on the arm of her father who had his own style for how they should walk down the aisle. It was quite adorable and showed something of the relationship they shared. The ceremony conducted by Bruce Kilpatrick was personal and made light of some of the funnier moments of their courtship. The laughter from those present was loud and I am sure would have warned any more oncoming hikers that there was something happening ahead.

The family and group photos were taken around Wallaces Hut before heading off to Mt McKay for some epic photos of the bridal party as well as the couple by themselves.

On return to QT for the reception the party was underway at bazaar with stylings by enhance styling and events. The venue providing spectacular views as the sun set over the mountains. After a delicious meal and speeches the party changed rooms to the bar at stingray. The first dance was a crowd pleaser with Holly’s parents very proud of her moving out of her comfort zone for the performance. As it was time for me to leave the everyone was happily dancing and enjoying the desert bar. I am sure it was going to be a late night.