Charlotte and Scott like to chase adventures together so it came as no surprise that they would travel to Falls Creek to have a beautiful wedding in the snow. With 50 of their closest friends and family it was a joyous experience that will remembered forever.

The wedding ceremony conducted by celebrant Shannon Jeans brought touching moments, tears, and a lot of laughter.

After a walk into the Falls Creek village for photos with the sun and temperature dropping fast, Scotts new flat soled shoes were not up to the task of getting up the slippery slopes. Luckily with the help of his new wife, Charlotte, and groomsman Curtis, he was able to be pushed up the hill to one of my secret spots for photos. It was definitely worth the effort with some gorgeous photos in the snow.

After the photos and a wait for the village shuttle the happy couple returned to St Falls to continue their reception and warm up while partying on into the night.